NETOP devices and wireless LPWAN Technology is making it easy and economical for ranchers to better track their cattle. From in-ear temperature sensors to GPS-free tracking, LPWAN based devices can effectively track and transmit data back to the Cloud, even over long distances.

LPWAN Technology enable long-range, low-power wireless transmission of data, allowing the use of low cost sensor units. For cattle tracking applications, LPWAN-based sensors must be affordable, support long-range wireless in non-GPRS supported ranges, and include at least a year-length battery life.

Connected Cow

With NETOP LPWAN Technology, ranchers can track and detect anomalies in cattle behavior at any time. Data tracked remotely on wide- open cattle ranches can be collected and shared with a veterinarian anywhere in the world. The disease can be caught early and if necessary, cattle can be removed to prevent a spread of infection.

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Today’s consumers put significant value on fresh, high quality food, which means farmers and food processors need to get agriculture products (crops, livestock, etc.) from farm to table very quickly and in a way that ensures food safety. Internet of things (IoT) systems for agriculture and food processing are aiding in this process. Once in the processing facility, additional sensors track the efficiency of the production and packing equipment and also any maintenance or repair needs.

NETOP IoT Systems for agricultural processing help track agriculture products (crops, livestock, etc.) through the production process to ensure a high quality, fresh and safe product.

Smart Farming

By implementing an agriculture and food processing IoT solution comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with NETOP LPWAN Technology and an intelligent low power, wide area network based on the respective LPWAN protocol, farmers and processors can build a network that helps delivering fresh food in a timely and efficient manner.

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With precision farming, farmers can manage the inherent variability of a spread-out farm by gathering information on the status of the environment, their crops and animals on a hyper local basis to ensure its operating at full capacity.

By implementing a precision farming solution comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with LPWAN Technology, and a low power wide area network based on the respective LPWAN protocol, farmers can help improve crop yields, animal health and farm operations.

Precision Farming

Soil, weather, plant and animal condition data is collected by sensors embedded with NETOP sensors using LPWAN Technology. Data from sensors are periodically sent to a LPWAN gateway or base station. LPWAN gateway or base station sends information to cloud server where the data is analyzed by Cloud-based application. Application sends data and alerts to farmer via mobile device or computer.

Precision Farming Process

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